Māmā & Pēpi Programme

The Māmā & Pēpi Programme is a Kaupapa Māori service supporting women at high risk or who are disadvantaged to get the total support they need during pregnancy and until their child is two years of age, including antenatal to postnatal care. Age is not a determining factor for this programme, and we can accept Māori women of all ages who are hapū.

You can be referred by a Midwife, Nurse, GP or self-referred.

When a referral is received, our kaiāwhina / nurse will contact you to arrange a face-to-face meeting to register you for the programme and discuss your needs and how best to help. If you decide to join, you may choose to exit the programme at any time before your child turns two years of age.

The programme is designed to assist in accessing community and professional services to help you to achieve your goals.

Whānau can be connected to several services: Nourished for Nil, Cosy Kids, Safe Sleep devices: Pepi-pods or Wahakura, Smoking Cessation, Outreach Immunisations and Early Childcare Education.

Our kaiāwhina / nurse will visit you at home and work alongside you in every way necessary to help and support you with any enquiries and decisions you make within baby’s first two years. We want to give you and baby the most informed start to your lives together. Our kaiāwhina / nurse will give guidance with any health or social issues that may occur.

We also offer mirimiri at the Choices Clinic in Flaxmere for all of our hapū māmā.